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‘Energy Flows Where Attention Goes’

I liked this theme from the case study so much, It get’s to be shared with everyone! So…

How often are you consciously aware of where your attention goes?

In class, for this theme, focus on being aware of the words in your mind during your most challenging exercise moments.

 * Become aware of the moments when you say “I can do this” or “I can’t do this”

* WHY?

*  Why do you think that thought? Why do you feel that way?

This is just a tiny step in building awareness. There’s no right or wrong about it.
Paying attention to the words in our mind is a practice in building awareness.Next, how does this relate to your stress or challenges elsewhere in life?

* What specific thoughts came up during your physical challenges?
* How is that a mirror for your personal challenges?
In the next theme we will discuss more on reframing. For now lets use the tools we’ve been practicing. Sometimes just by becoming aware of the challenge, we can see the false perception of the hardship and move forward. Sometimes it takes more tools to flip the switch. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought that doesn’t serve your workout or your happiness at work, remember:
* Refocus on your intention. What is it you really want out of, or within this circumstance?
*Deepen your breath, create cortical thickening in your brain so your stress reducing muscle up there is stronger
* Ask yourself “How would the best version of me handle this, responsibly?”
For a personal example of how I used this in my workouts stay tuned for the next blog.

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