Transcend the Discomfort

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Transcend the Discomfort!

Your workout is tough, but you know you’re going to become stronger from it, aren’t you? You know it’s moving you towards your goals, isn’t it? You know it will get better with the right mind set and practice, won’t it? Same thing with other discomforts in life.

For those of us who workout regularly, I think it’s easier to face a level of discomfort we feel in the gym, versus a level of discomfort out of the gym.

 What is something in your life that you find uncomfortable?
  • Do you have confrontations with co-workers?
  • Have you had to let someone go?
  • Do you have an ill family member or a challenging relative?
  • Have you ever procrastinated on or avoided dealing with any of these?
We all have uncomfortable situations, and any of our themes can apply to them.Think of that situation and the discomfort during exercises in the gym. What are the words in your mind?

It’s easier to apply our themes to an exercise in the gym because we don’t have such an emotional connection to it. So lets train our minds, while we train our bodies.

Sometimes we just need the courage to face the things we avoid. If so, stick with the questions from the beginning of this blog! Pump yourself up and charge ahead. Once we have that courage and readiness, then it can be easier to apply many of our other themes.

  • How does the best version of me handle this?
  • Practice deepening your breath. 
  • What do you want the outcome to be?
  • Visualize it!
  • Focus!
The Best Version of Me:
When our ‘stuff’ is triggered we can get sucked into a vortex of negative patterns. Remember the intention/attention/attitude theme? Our attention gets sucked into this stressful vortex and our attitude is usually negative. It’s neuroplasticity. There are certain neurons in our brains that are used to it. That’s what any and all of these themes are for. To change these patterns and help us reprogram our minds and our brains.
Remember the research on cortical thickening? Deepening our breath actually strengthens areas of the brain that fix stress. Retrain those neurons in your brain to turn to this technique whenever you feel those uncomfortable triggers.

What do you want the outcome to be? Visualize it! Focus:
Let’s combine three themes in one. So you have an uncomfortable situation. WHAT DO YOU WANT THE OUTCOME OF IT TO BE? Is it something that you can clearly visualize and get yourself into the feeling of it? If so, practice that visualization as much as possible. This is also a practice of focus. Focus on that goal.

We can even expand upon focus with other themes.

  • Focus on your breath.
  • Focus on how the ideal version of you handles this.
  • Focus on the knowingness that facing this is making you stronger.

I invite you to take these themes into your next workout, and for those journaling your experience:

Which ones resonate most with you?
How will you apply this?
What changes have you seen from working on them?

I’m so excited to see where this will go and how eMPoWRed we will all become!

M*PWR your Body
M*PWRing your Mind
M*PWR your Life

Do you have a goal that you can apply this too this week?
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