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There are few things I jump out of bed for at 6:45 am, and Lynze’s MPWR class is one of them. It’s hard to describe the class to those who haven’t experienced it for themselves, but let me try. Imagine a body conditioning workout set to awesome pop music with nuggets of knowledge and motivation woven throughout.
Each class has a theme that Lynze encourages participants to relate back to their own lives – outside of the gym. She refers to the theme a handful of times throughout the workout, encouraging everyone to use the mind as a tool for focusing on the larger challenge at hand, rather than the temporary discomfort of a particular exercise. Recently, I was preparing for a major career moment (first time on live national TV representing my company!) and I made sure to go to MPWR the days leading up to my airing. The major lesson Lynze taught me that week was if I focus on something for 68 seconds – and imagine the best possible outcome – it’s within my reach to make it happen (apparently this is scientifically proven). I practiced that thought process, and it worked! The segment went really well, and I am so thankful for Lynze’s inspiration both inside and out of class. Oh, and if you get a chance to take one of her Barre Burn classes, do it! I literally plan my life around this class which A) drives my husband crazy (it’s in the middle of the day), and B) I once took an early morning flight back from Europe to make it in time for Barre. Seriously. 5 stars for Lynze’s addictive classes!