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I love the weekly themes that Lynze gives as part of her M*POWR class.  Not only do they motivate me to work harder in class, but one such time in particular, her weekly theme had a far bigger impact on me outside of class. It was during a time I was really unhappy at work — having completely lost my passion for what I did.
I would often think about starting my own entreprenurial venture, but could never get up the courage to leave the security and income of the corporate world.  That week in Lynze’s M*POWR class, she had a theme on finding a sense of purpose in the things we do.  This hit me…and stuck with me after class.  It made me re-prioritize the different factors that were important to me in my career — and more important than income or security, was feeling a sense of purpose in what I do.  So, after careful thought and discussion, a few weeks later, I made the decision to pursue my passion.  I am now just getting my business off the ground, and even though I’m working very hard, I have a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm in doing something I feel gives me a sense of purpose.  So thank you Lynze — for giving me that extra push, both in class and outside.