Since I started working a 9-5, I have found it almost impossible to find the energy at the end of the day to rally myself to get to the gym. I have shifted my focus into more of the nutrition side to counteract my lack of gym time but I feel as though something is […]


I love the weekly themes that Lynze gives as part of her M*POWR class.  Not only do they motivate me to work harder in class, but one such time in particular, her weekly theme had a far bigger impact on me outside of class. It was during a time I was really unhappy at work […]


There are few things I jump out of bed for at 6:45 am, and Lynze’s MPWR class is one of them. It’s hard to describe the class to those who haven’t experienced it for themselves, but let me try. Imagine a body conditioning workout set to awesome pop music with nuggets of knowledge and motivation […]


Lynze’s classes are high energy, challenging and fun.  Lynze opens her class with a theme/thought for the day that helps get us through the challenges of class and life in general.  I even put one of them on a notecard on my desk!  I know I am stronger–physically and mentally–thanks to Lynze.