Could your organization or team benefit from a motivational session to inspire their wellness journey or workout programing? Lynze is partnering with small businesses and corporate wellness programs to bring the most powerful programing to your group.

Current Topic

M*PWR® Mindful Metablast: How to use fitness to improve productivity and reduce stress at work! Lynze’s M*PWR® programming injects consciousness into popular fitness modalities, and here shares with you tools for how you too can use your workout more purposefully to overcome challenges in other areas of life. In this lecture you will learn about emerging fields such as Neuroplasticity and Psychoneuroimmunology as understanding for how and why using research based mindfulness techniques during your exercise can reduce specific stressful triggers at work. Bonus sub topics include: N.E.A.T. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenics and On Demand fitness services to support your team with fitness options that will work for them. For inquiries and booking, please visit the contact page.

Future Topics!

Everyday 'Hacks' for reducing toxins: Toxins are everywhere. So called 'natural' products are expensive and often misleading. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what's in the products we most commonly use, what we can control, what we can't, and simple inexpensive ways to shift products in your environment. The Plastic Problem: We live in a society dependent on plastic. Although it can make life smooth and seamless for us, the refuse is ruining our environment and many ecosystems. In this session, you will be inspired to make a change and learn simple and effective ways to implement this personally as well as ways to influence your business and organization to stay solution oriented.