Seek the Good in your Workout: (and other neuroscience stuff)

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Why you should train your mind to seek the good…

Psychoneuroimmunology (aka PNI)

(If you get nothing else from this blog, you’ll at least have a great trivia question for you’re next cocktail party)

To put in simple terms, PNI is the study of how the THOUGHTS WE THINK create chemicals in our brain that then affect our auto immune system.

So the theme this week is to SEEK THE GOOD.


I was recently presenting at the SCW Fitness Conference in Dallas. The keynote speaker (and beloved mentor of mine) was Petra Kolber. Referring to her research in positive psychology. she quoted that 95% of the thoughts we think today are the same as the thoughts we thought yesterday, and 85% of those are negative. For many evolutionary reasons, we’ve been trained to operate with fear and be ‘fault finders’.

This was great when our ancestors needed to survive in the wild, but is no longer needed in our more evolved lives. Yet how often do we look in the mirror, or anywhere else, and focus on our faults?

What would our workouts and lives be like if we start to change that 85% negative 15% positive to make those numbers move in the opposite direction?

That’s why this week’s theme is to Seek the Good. Catch yourself when you’re finding faults in your workout and train your mind to seek the good. Remember, according to PNI research, the thoughts we think chemically effect the health of our body.

Carry more positive thoughts into tomorrow than you did into today!

M*PWR your Body
M*PWRing your Mind
M*PWR your Life

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