Why Random Acts of Kindness can Boost your Workout!

Random Acts of Kindness

As discussed in the last blog, when our cells regenerate, they respond not only to our DNA genetic code, but also to our thoughts and emotions. So we have been focusing on a healthy dose of Pride & Positivity in our workouts.A very interesting thing happened after I began coaching this theme, I had a couple of BAD days and I did not feel very positive. I thought, ‘how am I going to walk into the studio and talk about positivity?’ Fortunately, I had this homework assignment in my positive psychology course to do 5 random acts of kindness in a day. It had to be 5 and it had to be all in one day, according to the research.

I’m usually in the habit of thanking train conductors. So in addition I did simple things like thank the bus driver from saving me in the rain and move my groceries on the conveyor belt so the shopper behind me could unload their things.

An amazing thing happened in Grand Central. I passed a homeless man asking for money by the subway. This happens a lot to us in NYC and I’m sure many of us just walk by. Heck, we’re familiar with the news stories about the beggars who actually live in penthouses. But I felt this man’s sadness, I turned around, gave him a dollar and then the most amazing thing happened, his eyes swelled up with tears as he thanked me. Now THAT, in this city, is RARE!

The results of doing these little things is that my bad day no longer effected me and I got to class ready and excited to talk about positivity again.


Going back to the science referenced last week, when our cells regenerate, they respond to our thoughts and our emotions.

We’re asking, demanding even our cells to break down in our workouts. Let’s see if by doing random acts of kindness, we arrive to our next workout in a happier mood, and see if that improves our workout or experience at the gym. Just another way of giving ourselves some Mental Nutrition™.

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