Pride & Positivity

Pride & Positivity

It’s uncomfortable when we push our bodies to it’s physical max in exercise.

This week I want to train our minds to equate that hard work with a healthy dose of pride, as well as a focus on something that is positive about your body and performance.

Science has proven that our cells regenerate all the time. You know this when you get a cut and it heals. In a year from now we practically have a whole new body down to our organs.

In the positive psychology course I’m currently taking with UC Berkeley, my instructors have discussed the research that shows when our cells regenerate, it’s not only based on DNA, our thoughts and emotions play a role as well. (See Ted talk with Dr. Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

When we workout, we’re purposefully breaking down tissue in our body in order to repair and build it back up. So, theoretically, based on this research, the results of our bodies repair from our workouts will be better if our thoughts and emotions are happier.

(That’s not to say a bad ass boxing class isn’t good to get your frustration out after a bad day, we’ll save that cycle for another theme)

So that’s why, when your mind hit’s that “oh no, I can’t” place 45 seconds into your donkey jacks, I want you to change that to a “YES, I’m proud I hit my max and worked this hard!”

Next, What is something positive you can think about your body?

It’s very easy for us to look in the mirror and find fault. Focus on that positive thing when you catch yourself finding fault. Let’s retrain our minds to focus on the good when it gets tough, so our bodies will too respond that way when we demand it’s repair.

M*PWR your Body
M*PWRing your Mind
M*PWR your Life

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