M*PWR® Mindfulness Continued: The Breath

M*PWR® Mindfulness Continued

Before we dive into this weeks theme, the 8-week case study is almost ready to launch! In this pilot, you will use the M*PWR tools in your workout to specifically reduce something that has you feeling stressed at work. For more information or to participate please reply to this email!

As we continue incorporating Mindfulness techniques into class, our next focus, as cliche as it sounds, is the breath. I’ve recently been inspired by some YouTube video’s of mindfulness expert, Dr. Shauna Shapiro. She references studies done on Monks and people that meditate, where EEG machines mapped their brains and show that the part of their pre frontal cortex that is responsible for emotions such as compassion, empathy, etc, are stronger.

Basically all the good things that counter stress…. that area of the brain is literally stronger. This is called Cortical Thickening.

How do we use this in our kick ass exercises? When we are in our most challenging cycling attacks, our 500th barre burn rep, or our 5th minute in a powerstrike combinations, this week we are focusing on deepening our breath. In addition to that, I invite you to think about what SPECIFICALLY, has you feel stressful at work.

Coming to our workouts helps us to release and relieve the stress we build up, but then we usually go back and build it back up again. I want to use this technique (and all our M*PWR® themes) to help REDUCE the stress.

When we think of those triggers while our body is challenged through healthy stress in our exercise and then focus on our breath, we are training our minds to use that tool the next time we face those circumstances. Empowering us to take more control over them and remain more calm.

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