March Mindfulness (3/30/2017)

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M*PWR® Fitness: March Mindfulness

We’ve been focusing the past couple weeks on using our workouts specifically to reduce stress and improve productivity at work. (Upcoming speaking engagement is Tuesday April 4th, see side panel)

What causes you to feel stressed at work? Do you have a specific goal to hit? A deadline, sales quota, etc.?

When things push our buttons out there it can seem impossible to refocus on our intention and change our attitude. Our attention can be consumed by chaos and discomfort. Mindfulness can be used consciously in your challenging physical training to reduce stress and increase productivity at work.

Intention, Attention, and Attitude

What is your intention in your workout? Specifically today or in general overall. What is your attention on? Your squat, your shoulder press, your quad, your bicep, etc. What is your attitude when the exercise gets really really hard?

What is your intention in your work environment? When you have a challenge at work, maybe a frustration with a colleague, what is your intention in that challenge? Where is your attention? (Are you focused on resolving it, or complaining to your BFF?) What is your attitude? When we are faced with challenges, the discomfort can distract us from staying focused on the actual goal. That can result in more complaining, frustration and stress. That’s why we’ve been practicing this during our physical challenges in Barre, HIIT, and cycling. If we practice redirecting our attention here, more consciously, then it can become easier and more automatic at work.

Lets use the POSITIVE chaos and discomfort of our workout to practice mindfulness. Imagine, you’re halfway through your second round of jumping lunges in Firestarter and your legs and lungs are screaming. Or Perhaps 5 minutes into your plie pulses in barre. You’re muscles are burning and shaking. Where is your attention? Is it on your intention for your workout or how impossible this sequence feels? You can consciously shift your thoughts and actions away from the physical discomfort to that of determination and achievement for 15 more seconds.

Connect that to your goals at work or those moments you feel challenged with stress at the office. Train your mind to refocus on your intention/goal, notice where your putting your attention, and choose an attitude that will have you feel better and support your success with your intention.

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