Focus on what you CAN do! (3/3/2017)

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M*PWR® Fitness:

March  Focus on what you CAN do!

CONGRATULATIONS TO LYNZE for recently being crowned ‘FITNESS IDOL’ as a winner in SCW’s NYC Inaugural conference competition. Many of you have heard the ideas to grow the M*PWR® Fitness brand over the years and now it’s going to happen. More on that AND an upcoming event at the end….

This weeks theme: Focus on what you can do!

When we’re in the middle of a challenge in class (or life) it can be very easy to focus on things that are wrong or not the way we would like them. In class this week, catch yourself in those moments and shift your focus to what your body CAN DO… then take it a step further… what are you proud of from your workout today?

Maybe it was just getting to class and therefore you won by just walking in the door. Maybe it’s doing one more rep or lengthening your arms longer before you take that break.

Think about a goal you have outside of the gym right now. Where might you be focusing on the negative when things get tough? How can you shift those thoughts to what you can do and the aspects that you are proud of?

When you walk out of class, out of the office and/or wind down your day, take a few moments and acknowledge what you are proud of in yourself!!

Include it in your next instagram post with #MPWRfitness and tag @Lynzefit There’s lots of exciting new things in store for the future and we look forward to seeing where YOU take this philosophy!

Lynze will be speaking at the Corcoran Sunshine Headquarters for the 745 on the Park Networking group, Tuesday March 14th, 8am sharp.
TOPIC: Workouts for Work. Fictional Fitness for Professional Productivity:
AKA: How to use your workouts to more consciously reduce stress and increase productivity at work.
Location is 888 7th ave. If you are interested in attending please RSVP to

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