Accessing Mental Creativity During your Workout

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Accessing Mental Creativity During your Workout

  • How many times have you gotten an amazing idea or solved one of life’s problems while working out (or even walking down the street) and then forgotten it as soon as you where done?
  • Or had a creative inspired moment where you remember 10 detailed items for your to do list, and when the time came to do things….What was on that list?

When we start moving and break up stuck energy physically, it helps lift that mental cloud that blocks our thinking. Once we start thinking clearly, we can access ideas and creativity more easily.

This also happens when we travel and get out of our environment.

This past weekend I had both happen at the same time. I was staying at the absolutely stunning Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid. While working out in their gym (even a birthday vacation is no excuse) I got struck with several amazing ideas, one of which I really look forward to sharing with you on Social Media. #FatherFitnessFriday

I read an article in the IDEA FITNESS JOURNAL about Neuroplastcity, Strokes and Fitness. Three things that mean a lot to me. If you take my class you know that I geek out on brain science like neuroplasticity, and you might know that was in part inspired by my father suffering a stroke 8 1/2 years ago. So I’m going to be sharing this research and these techniques with my dad, then sharing the process on Facebook and Instagram with you.


  • During this theme, I almost encourage that you have your phone in class to make a SUPER QUICK note when something important, like an inspired idea, an answer to a problem, or a forgotten task comes to mind.
  • Even better, repeat it to yourself over and over so it’s at the top of your mind to take action on or write down the second you walk out the door.

See you in class!

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