M*PWR® Fitness

M*PWR® is a way to use fitness as a tool to overcome challenges and achieve goals in other area's of life. Whether you only want the 'kick ass' or are always hesitant with excuses, this method gives you a new intrinsic way to elevate your health and your life. Inject consciousness into your popular fitness modalities."Mindfulness" is a huge buzz in the research and corporate environments when it comes to stress management. In classes and sessions fused with M*PWR® coaching you will practice a variety of tools, including proven mindfulness techniques, to transform both your approach to exercise, as well as reducing stress in other area's of life.


What You’ll Get with Lynze

What would life be like if you could overcome challenges and achieve goals in other area’s of life as a result of kicking butt at the gym? Do you have stressful interactions at work that you would like resolved? Personality conflicts with coworkers or family members that you wish were more peaceful? What if you had a mental bootcamp to stay goal focused in the most challenging moments? How would you like to learn how to more powerfully use your workout to transform other area’s of your life?

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One on One Coaching

Two programs currently exist for one on one coaching. You will choose a personal challenge and the result you want at the end of the 8 weeks, and then use your workout to empower how you overcome that challenge. Option one is two times a week in home or virtual coaching, combining a workout, usually Barre or Metablast, with the M*PWR® programing. Option two is two times a week, 30 minute coaching sessions to discuss how to incorporate M*PWR® into your current or intended workout regimen. For more information or inquiries, please visit the contact page.


Come experience Lynze’s unique coaching style in one of her popular NYC classes. Having such a wide variety of formats, there is surely something for everyone. From Barre to Indoor Cycle,  HIIT, Bootcamp, Dance, Fuctional Training, Flexibility and of course Aerial Acrobatics, the combination of choices are almost endless.

Find classes at:

Equinox and Bodyandpole

For Personal Training or One of One coaching, please submit inquiries here.


In M*PWR® live workshops, you will have an interactive transformational experience that will exponentially enhance how you transfer the empowering practice of your workout into your everyday life. In an evening event, in addition to your workout you will learn researched based techniques to help you manage stress and achieve goals, as well as exciting secrets behind the coaching. The night will close off with a little celebration and promotion of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Workshops are currently being planned on a Monthly basis in partnership with Beyond the Bar Global.  Check back for updates or contact us here for more information.



We are currently in discussions with Ketanga Retreats for an October 2017 M*PWR® Fitness Workouts and Wine retreat at a vineyard on the North Fork in Long Island. Imagine a weekend filled with M*PWR workshops, Barre on the Beach, and private wine tastings!

Stay tuned or contact us here for more information.

Corporate Events

Could your team benefit from a Corporate Wellness Event? See the Speaking page for topics, idea’s and bookings.