4 New Year Celebrations

and what made the weekend of April 19th, 2019 one of them….

For many people, the holidays celebrated this weekend are what I consider 1 of our 4 New Year celebrations that happen within any given year. 

  1. Your birthday
  2. Our globally excepted New Year (Jan 1)
  3. This weekends holidays
  4. The Vernal Equinox’s
In addition, many of you may have a different cultural New Year.
I’m celebrating Passover this weekend. We remember the ending of an error of captivity for the Jewish people and their deliverance.  The beginning of a new & better life together. A time to reflect and make new commitments. 
So let’s make some new commitments. Look at the past year of your life. What was effective? What was ineffective? 
In M*PWR®, we’ve been looking at the neuroscience of why we perceive a challenge a certain way; as a challenge we enjoy, or a challenge that ’sucks’. 
I invite you to make a commitment that will have you be effective in achieving your goals. Use the tools (or M*PWR® themes) that are most relevant to you to make a positive change this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year; and be open to having more insights and learning new things along the way that will continue to improve your efficiency as you grow to new levels. 
I wish you a Happy Holiday in whatever you are celebrating this weekend, even if that’s celebrating nothing other than your new vision for the next 365 days.