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Lynze is the winner of SCW’s ‘Fitness Idol’ – NYC 2017, a National Presenter, International Ambassador for Speedball Fitness, Transformational Coach, and an Aerial Acrobat having taught Cirque Du Soleil’s Jukari Fit to Fly program. She brings over 14 years of experience to fitness as a movement expert with a highly versatile background in dance, martial arts, functional training, barre and more. She has an extensive background in Personal Transformation, which she combines with her teaching in many of her popular NYC classes. This combination is the foundation of her M*PWR® methodology which uses fitness as a tool to overcome chalenges across any area of life. M*PWR your body, by M*PWRing your mind, to M*PWR your life.


Being a highly versatile instructor in NYC, Lynze offers classes in formats such as Functional Training, Barre, Cycle, HIIT, Speedball®, Kickboxing and many signature classes at Equinox. She infuses her empowering philosophy into almost everything she teaches as well as in one on one coaching.


Currently teaching Aerial Silks and Hoop in NYC, Lynze specializes in helping beginners feel successful and gain the necessary strength for fun and beautiful skills. For more information on training as well as upcoming performances, see the Aerial page.


Could your organization or team benefit from a motivational session to inspire their wellness journey or workout programing? Visit the Speaking page for more information on topics and bookings.


Since I started working a 9-5, I have found it almost impossible to find the energy at the end of the day to rally myself to get to the gym. I have shifted my focus into more of the nutrition side to counteract my lack of gym time but I feel as though something is missing.
Over the last four years, I have found this love and passion for fitness and since January, I feel as though I have lost sight of that passion. Your presentation today inspires me and reminds me how passionate I am about health and fitness. Your positivity is contagious. The quote “You become what you think about” really spoke to me because as long as I continue to think of how tired I am, I will always allow myself to find excuses to stay away from the gym.
My next workout is dedicated to you!

Thank you for this jumpstart of positivity and the kick in the workout pants!


I love the weekly themes that Lynze gives as part of her M*POWR class.  Not only do they motivate me to work harder in class, but one such time in particular, her weekly theme had a far bigger impact on me outside of class. It was during a time I was really unhappy at work — having completely lost my passion for what I did.
I would often think about starting my own entreprenurial venture, but could never get up the courage to leave the security and income of the corporate world.  That week in Lynze’s M*POWR class, she had a theme on finding a sense of purpose in the things we do.  This hit me…and stuck with me after class.  It made me re-prioritize the different factors that were important to me in my career — and more important than income or security, was feeling a sense of purpose in what I do.  So, after careful thought and discussion, a few weeks later, I made the decision to pursue my passion.  I am now just getting my business off the ground, and even though I’m working very hard, I have a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm in doing something I feel gives me a sense of purpose.  So thank you Lynze — for giving me that extra push, both in class and outside.


There are few things I jump out of bed for at 6:45 am, and Lynze’s MPWR class is one of them. It’s hard to describe the class to those who haven’t experienced it for themselves, but let me try. Imagine a body conditioning workout set to awesome pop music with nuggets of knowledge and motivation woven throughout.
Each class has a theme that Lynze encourages participants to relate back to their own lives – outside of the gym. She refers to the theme a handful of times throughout the workout, encouraging everyone to use the mind as a tool for focusing on the larger challenge at hand, rather than the temporary discomfort of a particular exercise. Recently, I was preparing for a major career moment (first time on live national TV representing my company!) and I made sure to go to MPWR the days leading up to my airing. The major lesson Lynze taught me that week was if I focus on something for 68 seconds – and imagine the best possible outcome – it’s within my reach to make it happen (apparently this is scientifically proven). I practiced that thought process, and it worked! The segment went really well, and I am so thankful for Lynze’s inspiration both inside and out of class. Oh, and if you get a chance to take one of her Barre Burn classes, do it! I literally plan my life around this class which A) drives my husband crazy (it’s in the middle of the day), and B) I once took an early morning flight back from Europe to make it in time for Barre. Seriously. 5 stars for Lynze’s addictive classes!


Lynze’s classes are high energy, challenging and fun.  Lynze opens her class with a theme/thought for the day that helps get us through the challenges of class and life in general.  I even put one of them on a notecard on my desk!  I know I am stronger–physically and mentally–thanks to Lynze.


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